24 September 2018

Engaging with the community at Sidcup!

We were approached by a young photographer Eden Millen who has had a relationship with the Klinger building for many years. Eden is an 'urban explorer' who had access to the building and taking photographs over recent years, documenting its decline.  Eden’s great grandfather was commissioned to take photographs of the building by Richard Klinger in its original state many years ago. 

After talking with Eden we decided to work alongside her and embrace the history of the Klinger building. We wanted to incorporate Eden’s photos and engage with the local community, so we created a project to design and produce some artwork for hoarding at the new project at Klinger. 

A Mixture of Modern & Original photos were printed and displayed on the hoarding form Eden & her Great Grandfather. Eden's dad Chris runs various graffiti workshops in prison, Chris used his expertise and helped bring together a group of pupils from a local youth support school called Supajam who support disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, many of whom have never achieved a qualification. Superjam created some fantastic artwork over 4 days to help complete the project. 

It’s been fantastic to really engage with the local community on this project and we would like the thank Eden, Chris & Supajam for helping to bring this artwork project together. 

Engaging with the community at Sidcup!  1
Engaging with the community at Sidcup!  2


"An inspection made under the Considerate Construction Scheme gave Howard Russell a very high score which equated to 'Excellent'. Guhring would totally endorse this report as it underpins our faith and trust in being fortunate to have appointed a contractor that is large enough to cope but not too big to care. "

Mike Dinsdale - Managing Director, Guhring Ltd