26 July 2018

Protecting the Bees!

During enabling works to start the renovation of the grade II listed Klinger factory, in Sidcup, we encountered a large colony of honey bees already making use of the facilities. 

We got in touch with some local Bee Keepers in the area and we were delighted that Rudy Repka of Avalon Bees & Honey, a member of the local Ruxley Beekeepers, and the Kent bee-keepers association was able to help us out.

With The kind loan of one of his suits, Andrew one of our Site Managers opened the wall where the nest was to enable Rudy to carefully remove the bulk of the honeycombs in search of the queen bee. Once she was located and secured, we then collected the remaining bees and Rudy relocated them to one of his hives locally.

The honey was brought in a few days later once the honeycombs had been cleaned so we have our very own Klinger honey!!

We are all absolutely BUZZING at Howard Russell to positively contribute to the protection of an important specie, Thank you again to Rudy Repka and  Avalon Bees & Honey.


Protecting the Bees!  1
Protecting the Bees!  2


"An inspection made under the Considerate Construction Scheme gave Howard Russell a very high score which equated to 'Excellent'. Guhring would totally endorse this report as it underpins our faith and trust in being fortunate to have appointed a contractor that is large enough to cope but not too big to care. "

Mike Dinsdale - Managing Director, Guhring Ltd